Sunday, February 2, 2014

His Name is Bob Kimball

True story… a few weeks ago, on a Wednesday night in the FBC Raleigh fellowship hall, a Centerpoint bulletin was left on a table with this handwritten note at the top of the page... "His name is Bob Kimball".  No doubt, Bob had been at the piano leading the singing of hymns to start off the evening and a newcomer to the church asked someone else who he was.  Bob has a way of making impressions on people, ... and making things happen.
Bob was the first member from FBC Raleigh to come to Honduras.  When Hurricane Mitch hit the country in October 1998, NC Baptist Men arranged disaster relief teams and Bob joined a team from another church in 1999 to help out where he could.  He continued to travel once a week for a few years, then recruited Jeremy Petty to join him.  After their incredible year in Cedano, Honduras in 2004, they recruited a team from FBC Raleigh and the first full team traveled in January 2005.  
This is the 10th anniversary of those trips and every year the ministry grows larger and stronger.  Bob couldn't be here on this trip because he had to take care of responsibilities back home, but he was here in spirit, and in song, in prayer and in play.
God bless you my brother!!

Offering a blessing for this new home

Dios bendiga este hogar

God bless this home. 

Greg and Kevin (Alexis' brother)

Why am I retaining water?

There are always such good inside jokes and funny moments on this trip. 
Guess who this one is from?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

... and floor day

Rhonda, Kristen, Pastor G, Brad, Dennis, and Alexis also finished the floor today.

Day 6 - Roof Day

Day 6 (the 5th work day) marks that finishing touch of putting on the roof.  Royce, Eddie, and Mike Greene worked on top and Jeremy, Greg, Rick, and Orfilio passed up the sheets of tin.

End of Day 5

Alexis, Vilma, and their kids and other relatives pose for a picture at the end of day 5 (4th work day).  C channels are set in place and half the floor is poured. 

The young man on the bicycle to the left is Kevin.  He is Alexis' brother and lives nearby.  He is a friendly, hardworking young man who helps keep mezcla mixed for us all day.  As soon as we are finished he hops on his bike to ride to the futbol (soccer) field to play with his friends.

Girls line up for braids and hairbows

with Kristen, Rhonda, and Rachael...

(... and Dennis even got top braid one little girl's hair.  We'll see if she wants a redo from a professional tomorrow.)